Veritas Automotive & Machinery, LLC connects manufacturers of automobiles, construction and agricultural equipment, and other heavy machinery to markets within the Republic of Iraq.  We provide sales, finance, service and parts support throughout the country.

Our deep relationships within the Iraqi government make us an excellent source of fleet sales and we have the distribution expertise to support the retail side of the business.  We have proven sources of credit to manage necessary sales throughput.  In addition, our expertise managing the inbound logistics and customs through various ports of entry into Iraq, including Umm Qasr, via the free trade zone in Kuwait City, or the free trade zone in Aqaba, Jordan, speeds the delivery of new orders to our mutual customers.

What separates us from other exporters and distributors is our ability to provide highly capable service and parts support.  Iraq is flush with vehicles and equipment that no longer function due to inadequate service and parts support.  We understand that for a manufacturer to flourish in Iraq, its brand must be synonymous with world class service.  We provide thorough, responsive service support through our network of facilities.  We are skilled at maintenance and repair work, parts management, and warranty administration. 

We are the exclusive distributor for Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles in the Republic of Iraq.  We support new vehicle sales, parts, and service throughout the country, including Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, Mosul, and Najaf.

Our offices in Detroit, Amman, and Baghdad provide the global reach needed to manage our relationships with our manufacturers, our financiers, and our customers within Iraq.